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Spirit Horse Series

The Spirit Horse is magical, and across different cultures represents spiritual awakening, a companion on a spiritual quest, or a spirit guide to lead us on our true path.  I love painting and drawing horses, and many of my paintings have spirit horses in them--representing freedom, creativity, the right path.  I use different mediums to paint them, paint, ink, pencil, crayon, plaster, paper.....some are white and some are colorful.
Spirit Horse and Rainbow Herd
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Dream Ponies
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Dream Ponies $65.00 USD
Rainbow Ponies
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Rainbow Ponies $25.00 USD
Spirit in the Aspens
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Harmony $65.00 USD
Pony with Attitude
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Pony with Attitude $20.00 USD
Hi Ho Silver
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Hi Ho Silver $20.00 USD
Sun Pony
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Sun Pony $65.00 USD
Lone Star
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Lone Star $20.00 USD
Icey Stallion
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Icey Stallion $55.00 USD
Golden Heart
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Golden Heart $65.00 USD
Moon Pony
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Moon Pony $65.00 USD