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Crystal Carol and Spirit Horse Gallery

Growing up on the Great Plains, I can remember my love and fascination with nature and my connection with our four-legged brothers and sisters.  When I received my first pair of glasses, one of the first things I drew, of course, were horses.  My childhood love of these free and wild beings have inspired my art ever since.

    The symbology represented in the pictographs of the Plains Indians have had a great influence in my paintings.  I believe symbols are direct messengers into our psyche, and animal symbols are some of the most powerful ways to communicate beyond just logic and words.  When I think of a horse, I visualize a beautiful white mare galloping freely across a wild and verdant land.  When I think of a buffalo, I see a strong and powerful animal, whose strength comes not from killing or hunting, but from peaceful grazing and the herd.  My paintings often have shields in them, representing the protection of these animal attributes. 

      I am often inspired by the symbols used in other cultures, the Anasazi in the Southwest, the ancient Celts, and especially by the paleolithic cave paintings of France.  There is a fascinating similarity in the portrayal of symbols in cultures from different parts of the earth and different times.  When I speak through my paintings, I hope my two-legged brothers and sisters can find the protective meanings and connections I want to share.

 Crystal Carol has shown in the Barbara Able and Kiva galleries in Sante Fe, the Kaviar Forge Gallery in Louisville, KY, and the Buffalo Dancer in Taos, NM.  Her art was also portrayed on “That’s Clever”, a show on HGTV. 

Crystal Carol is mostly a self taught artist, experimenting in various media.  She considers herself a colorist than anything else, and strives more for emotional content. 

SpiritHorse.Gallery was established to share Crystal's artwork with the world.  She wanted to have her art available to people whatever their budget, and so has cards and prints from $10 on up and originals from $95 on up.  10% of all profits will be donated to Native American creative endeavors or to local food and farming endeavors.