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Pink Large Dakota bag

This beautiful bag is made with a pink leather.  It has two bay horses galloping together. The horses are painted on mule deer hide, with matching mule deer fringe. The Thunderbird in the war bonnet shield represents our relationship with the Great Spirit, and the Appies represent freedom and creativity!

This bag comes with two pockets, one on the back and one inside. The flap and pockets are riveted.  It has long mule deer hand cut lace fringe.

This large Dakota bag comes with a buckle and strap, it measures 11 x 10 inches and is 3 inches deep.

Dakota bags are named after my Samoyed, Dakota! She is a lovely young soul who makes me laugh all the time and while I was designing this bag (during COVID lockdown) Dakota kept me sane. Catch her on Instagram or Facebook, she is so cute I post her all the time.