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Rustic Cream Bison Bag with Natural Edge Flap

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This is a beautiful bag is made with an American bison, (buffalo). This beautiful leather is soft and thick, used normally for moccasins. It has such a lovely color and surface I had to make and bag and paint it! it has original paintings on three sides!

It has a long natural flap, and riveted pocket pocket across the back.  It also has a nice big pocket inside, and antique rivets and buckle.  The fringe is chocolate mule deer hand cut lace. The warrior totem with a buffalo shield is on the front flap. The warrior represents honor and duty. It has a thunderbird sun bonnet shield under the front flap and a turtle shield on the back.

This big crossbody bag comes with matching strap and buckle. it measures 10 x 11.5 inches.