Medicine Bag--Deerskin Bag with Three Running Horses

Spirit Horse Gallery

This medicine bag is all about the horse totem.  It has lots of energy from the horse totem-representing creativity and freedom. This is a pictograph done in the style of Plains Indian ledger art from the 1800s. It has a thunderbolt, which is a symbol for power from the sky or the Great Spirit.  The back has a shield with the Thunderbird, and inside the flap is a turtle, the totem animal representing wisdom and longevity and our connection with Mother Earth. It also has a peace pipe, which is the totem representing your ability to get along.

The main part of the pouch is 4 by 3 inches, and with the fringe is 8 inches.  It has brass colored cones which make a pleasant sound when you move. The dangle has red seed beads and red coral, with a turpquoise bead at the end.  And of course a horse tail tassel.

Free shipping in the United States and comes with a list of totem animals and their meanings.

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