Medicine Bag--Deerskin Bag with Warrior and Red Coral Dangle

Spirit Horse Gallery

The Warrior is the totem for honor and duty.  It is old fashioned, but still fashionable to have honor and do your duty.  This is a pictograph done in the style of Plains Indian ledger art from the 1800s. It has a thunderbolt, which is a symbol for power from the sky or the Great Spirit.  The back has a shield with the Thunderbird, and inside the flap is a turtle, the totem animal representing wisdom and longevity and our connection with Mother Earth. 

The main part of the pouch is 4 by 3 inches, and with the fringe is10.5 inches.  It has brass colored cones with w wonderfull and translucent blue bead.  The dangle has blue seed beads and red coral.  And of course a horse tail tassel.

Free shipping in the United States and comes with a list of totem animals and their meanings.

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