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Possibles Bag with Red and Turquoise Apples

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This beautiful bag is made with a lovely mule deer leather, it has cream mule deer lacing too, and elk straps.  

This bag has two running Apples on the flap, and an interesting freehand diamond design.  Under the flap there is a turtle and a peace pipe.On the back is a war bonnet eagle with a lance on top.  There is a horse tail tassel with a turquoise and coral dangle.  its a lovely piece. This bag is 6.5 x 5.25, and has 7 inch mule deer fringe!

Possibles bags are used in powwows and rendezvous as small all purpose bags to hang from your shoulder or tie to your belt. this one can carry your phone and money and cards, or put your special treasures in.

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